My Gym Is Online

Keep your members, athletes and their parents active and engaged with your club

What is this platform?

My Gym Is Online provides you a turnkey system that allows you to get up and running with hundreds of training and educational videos safe for your members, athletes and students.

Branded to your club, a parent would simply register with the code we provide you and they can then register to get instant access to our training videos.

Once registered, the parent and child can access content to keep them engaged, active and stay in shape.

Can we charge for these videos?

If you would like to charge for access to the videos, we are integrated with PayPal. 


We would configure your site to accept payment directly into your account. If you do not use PayPal, we can help you setup how to get paid with other merchant providers. We do not take any percentage of what you charge.

Can I add my own videos?

With certain packages you may add your own content.You can charge or give free access to your videos.

In this walkthrough you will see a member upgrading to get access to the club’s self-produced videos.

How do I know how many people are registered?

You are notified every time someone registers for on your site. Our pro package gives you access to see all your members. 

Can I Market to those that have registered?

Yes we have a built in email marketing feature. You can send email newsletters to specific class/groups and even setup automatic emails to go out when someone signs up.

Can I setup live classes?

We can help you organize your club members to be able to access online live classes that only a registered member/student can attend. This can be done through Zoom, Go-To-Meeting or even Google Hangout Meets.

By using our platform, we create a safe environment where private meeting links are not sent by email to your members. Both parents and your coaches will feel more comfortable knowing there is a layer of security enforced when conducting live streaming classes.

It also helps promote your branding and club exposure as every session will be accessible only by login into your site.

In this walkthrough we are taking our member and registering them to be able to access live classes during the course of the week.

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